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  1. Fear Factory
  2. Antisocial
  3. I am You
  4. No More Lies
  5. Sick Inside
  6. Day by Day
  7. No Privacy
  8. Lost
  9. Guilty as Charged
  10. Misery
  11. Realities of Violence
  12. Change
  13. New Offenses

  14. The Masters of Disaster
  15. Culture of the Vulture
  16. So What
  17. Speculate Speculate
  18. Rat in a Cage
  19. Divide and Conquer
  20. The Arbiter of Truth
  21. Follow the Money
  22. Ghost Rider
  23. Poison Pill
  24. War Machine
  25. End of the Line
  26. Plea Bargains

  27. Organized Crime (UK Subs)
  28. Protest the Possibility (Discharge)
Court Record
Guilty Parties

Rick Strahl

Chris Kontos

Andy Andersen

Punk Rock Garage Recorded
between 2000-2022
on Maui, HI and Oakland, CA
© Anti-Trust, 2002-2024
  all rights reserved

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